Christopher Sergi | Author

As a self-promoting and publishing author, the accuracy of my work is paramount to ensure a professional and polished product.

Kerry exhibited the diligence and attentiveness I sought in a proof-reader, offering exceptional copy and line editing to my prose, including an elegant consistency assessment of my novel elements.

Lucy Duffield | Retail Director PA

I worked alongside Kerry for over 4 years in the sales support department of the UK’s largest fragrance distributor. During that time, I was constantly in awe of Kerry’s organised and calm manner. She always knew exactly where any project or client file was and could tell you instantly what needed to be actioned with it.

Nothing seemed to faze her. No matter how frantic the rest of the office was, she was the composed, steady rock amongst the chaos. She was my ‘go-to’ for any query or problem that I had and nothing was ever too much trouble. Although we collaborated on many projects and tasks, Kerry had no problems in using her own initiative to get things done to the required deadline.

There are very few people who are as reliable and hard-working as Kerry. Therefore I would happily recommend Kerry for any business that values being on top form with their projects and who are looking for a highly competent assistant with a caring and attentive approach